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A Defence of Artists

Hudson Valley dweller contributing words, art, music, and theatre to this thing we call life.

I am an actor, always, at heart. I have received professional training in London, New York, Boston, and Athens, and I am a proud member of Actors’ Equity. I am also passionate about both creating and consuming music. I have a MA degree in [the lucrative and useful field of] Victorian Studies and live for all things 19th century. That said, Shakespeare is probably more accurately my best┬ásubject on University Challenge.

I have always loved doing needlework but, in the past, I rarely allowed myself the calm stillness required for the craft. After a year of pandemic life, I fully embraced the joy that stitching brings me and decided to start creating pieces for the people I love…and beyond! My embroidery art and jewelry can be viewed and purchased via Winter-Maker Designs online shop.

Photography Credits:

Jeff Mertz

Chris Mann

Christina Russo

Paul Rivera

John Mannell

Laima Arlauskaite

Liz Isles

Alan Bostock

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