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I am an artist trying to survive the 9 to 5[:30] grind by contributing words and music to this thing we call life. I am an expat living in London via Atlanta, Boston, Athens, and New York City. My upcoming Dreampop album, Pocket Bible, is based largely on my experiences living in New York–or ‘Wonderland’ as I refer to the city in my writing. Lyrics for the album are drawn from a series of prose poems written about my life in Manhattan. Distinctive in my layered and ethereal vocals, my music is a deeply personal study in love, anxiety, depression, and ultimately redemption.

Although it has been years since I hit the boards, I am an actor, always, at heart. My desk job does little to deter me from singing [show tunes] throughout the day to the utter delight of my coworkers. I have a Masters degree in the lucrative and useful field of Victorian Studies and live for all things 19th century. That said, Shakespeare is probably more accurately my best subject on University Challenge. I don’t eat animals, but I’m the kind of easygoing person who won’t begrudge you a burger if that’s your thing [murderer!!!]. But, in truth, I can perhaps best be described as the humble servant [slave] of two expat cats, Edward Fairfax Rochester and Jane Eyre.

What’s it all for?