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I am an expat living in London, trying to survive the pulling pint grind by contributing words, music, and theatre to this thing we call life.

I am an actor, always, at heart. I have received professional training in London, New York, Boston, and Athens, and I am a proud member of Actors’ Equity. I have a MA degree in the lucrative and useful field of Victorian Studies and live for all things 19th century. That said, Shakespeare is probably more accurately my best subject on University Challenge. I don’t eat animals, but I’m the kind of easygoing person who won’t begrudge you a burger if that’s your thing [murderer!!!]. But, in truth, I can perhaps best be described as the humble servant [slave] of two expat cats, Edward Fairfax Rochester and Jane Eyre.

In 2017, I wrote, recorded, and released a Dreampop album titled Pocket Bible.  The album is based largely on my experiences living in New York–or ‘Wonderland’ as I refer to the city in my writing. Lyrics for the album are drawn from a series of prose poems I wrote about my life in Manhattan. Distinctive in my layered and ethereal vocals, my music is a deeply personal study in love, anxiety, depression, and ultimately redemption.

A Defence of Artists